Lisa Stokes Nicholas and her team have a long history of working in partnership with clients to ensure that their needs are met. And our clients and colleagues have benefited from this depth of experience and collaborative approach.

Our recent clients include:

AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin

Callisto (combatting sexual assualt)

Colorado Nonprofit Association

Denver Urban Gardens

Denver Kids (education)

Denver Urban Scholars (education)

Early Childhood Council Leadership Alliance

Hummingbird Community Acupuncture

International Junior League

Kaleido (online health services)

Laboratory Services Cooperative

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon

Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Planned Parenthood of Collier County Planned Parenthood of Orlando

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands

Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida

Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin

Qualistar (early childhood education)

Rocky Mountain Cares (healthcare)

The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

St. Louis Effort For AIDS

St. Martins Chamber Choir

You have a kind temperament that allows for change to unfold with grace and stillness.
— Laura, CEO, Merger Client
Lisa worked with our group during a time of phenomenal growth and change. Our charge was to select, acquire, and implement effective technology solutions that leaders across our national healthcare organization would voluntarily adopt. Lisa helped us focus on the most critical (and at times painful) issues, screened out the noise, inspired us to fill the leadership vacuum that existed in this area, and partnered with us to carve out a strategy for generating the organization-wide support that was the tipping point in our work.
— Dan, CIO, Strategic Planning Client
I discuss the problems that nobody else can solve with Lisa. She has a way of looking at things from multiple angles and seeing the potential solutions that evade others.
— Beth, CEO, Planning Client
Your expertise and guidance was helpful at every juncture as we proceeded through the discussion. You steered the conversations masterfully and gave us just the right tools to proceed with our board.
— Jill, Board Chair, Merger Client
I could not have done the last merger without you…and could not do this one without all of your support both in front and behind the scenes and your guidance
— Teresa, CEO, Merger Client
Thank you for all you did to facilitate the entire process — we are so grateful for your leadership, “smarts,” and most of all your patience in answering our many questions throughout the process.
— Brenda, Board Chair, Governance Client
Lisa’s respect and integrity really shines and allows her to hold people accountable. She holds up the mirror in a respectful way that makes it possible for people to see where they could improve.
— Chris, Collaborative Partner
We would not have been able to effectively manage this unusual and complicated situation without Lisa. She was proactive in identifying the problems, continually provided detailed but concise updates, and kept bringing in the right people at the right time. Most impressive to me was how she talked to people who were a little unhinged by their emotions. This is obviously a gift, and she used it so well.
— Ester, Crisis Mitigation Client
Lisa answered our questions openly and in a way we could understand the merger process. We are less worried about the merger after spending this day with her. Lisa’s process was very accessible; she was very down to earth and made us feel comfortable and answered all of our questions. Before this meeting, we were overwhelmed—now we feel much more confident and that this process is much more doable, given time.
— Senior Management Staff, Merger Client
One of Lisa’s greatest strengths is in the way in which she conducts her work - with honesty, integrity, a strong moral compass, and an openness to feedback and input.
— Marcy, Collaborative Partner
Your calm demeanor, clear messages, and your thought provoking questions are always so helpful.
— Patty, CEO, Coaching Client
Our merger is a huge success thanks to Lisa. An external evaluation team recently remarked that our merger was one of the most successful mergers they had ever seen. And we have had our best fundraising year ever, immediately after the merger. Lisa’s support played a large role in this success. Lisa made sure everyone was valued and heard and at the same time kept everyone focused on what truly mattered. It was almost magical the way this allowed everyone to drop their agendas and defensiveness and become one cohesive team, inspired to work together for the good of our clients. And this is no small victory. I have seen many other facilitators get flustered by how tough our membership is. Lisa always stayed neutral and helped people drop their defensiveness and irrationality. Nothing threw her off track.
— Barb, CEO, Merger Client
Lisa was a lifesaver for us. She helped us identify and create a comprehensive plan to achieve our goals. Before talking to her we were very overwhelmed by the many facets of running our business. After our planning with Lisa our plan became clear and we had valuable tools to work with that will help us reach our goals. Lisa is very patient and is great at guiding the process, even when you are completely lost. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone I know.
— Jackie, Business Planning & Coaching Client
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