Our work is guided by seven values, or promises, that we bring to each engagement. This “true north” guides our vision, strategy, services, and interactions.  

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  • Integrity:  While our purpose defines our reason for being, it is our integrity that guides how we fulfill that purpose. For us integrity means demonstrating our values in every interaction.  It is working with you in a straightforward and honest manner, even when it calls for delivering hard messages.  It is being accountable for our actions, maintaining confidentiality, actively eliciting feedback, and avoiding conflicts of interest. It is standing by our values even when, or especially when, it means taking the road less traveled
  • Courage:  We believe in the power of courageous action to transform lives.  We will help you ask and answer the hard questions that will transform your aspirations into bold and courageous actions.




  • Purpose: We believe that the most effective decisions and designs are those that are guided by a deeply held sense of purpose.  We have learned that when our purpose is clear, all things, including struggles, adversity, and conflict can be a generative force for positive change.
  • Contribution: We recognize that underlying almost all actions are the basic human needs to be seen, heard, belong, and make a positive contribution.  We will work with you to better position you to fulfill those needs in a way that is in alignment with your sense of purpose.   
  • Collaboration & Humility: We believe the best results are achieved when our decades of experience is used to better leverage the resources, skills, intelligence, and creativity you bring to this world.  We will structure our work with you to create this collaboration rather than simply instruct or advise you. We also recognize that sometimes we may not have the full expertise you need to achieve your goals and will offer to partner with other experts or refer you to other consultants when that is the case because we believe that you, and indeed all of humanity, is best served by working in this honest and collaborative spirit.